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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

San Diego Creative Arts Project

Where Artists Emerge!!!

SDCAP is sensitive to the Impact of COVID 19, and has been practicing social distancing.

Great News - we have a Class & Camp schedule up and running on Zoom.

Please see under "schedule" tab, and email us for the link sdcreativearts@gmail.com 

"Payments accepted on Venmo: Laura Hodge @ SDCAP or Paypal: sdcreativearts@gmail.com

Executive Artistic Director

Laura Hodge



"Where Arts Emerge!"

San Diego Creative Arts Project, SDCAP, is Southern California's hot spot for

Professionally Directed Youth Theatre, Conservatory Classes in Dance, Voice,Theatre, Fitness, and Choreography. On site Home School certified and After School Outreach classes in the Performing Arts. Performance opportunities in many Events, and Productions with original and well known scripts and Dance Theatre. With Studios located in the North Park neighborhood , on 30th Street near University., SDCAP is a 501c3 Non Profit Performing Arts organization invested in engaging, training, and inspiring students of all ages and backgrounds who desire to grow artistically and confidently in the performing arts. By offering classes, camps, and performance opportunities for kids and adults, SDCAP aims to inspire creativity and create a positive impact on bringing arts to the community. 


Our organization is committed to providing an ongoing presence in the community, granting access to the arts, as well as the stability of consistent after-school activity and a creative outlet for children, and adults of all ages.

A program in the performing arts fosters a strong technical foundation, critical thinking, physical strength and flexibility, as well as emotional maturity and valuable interpersonal social skills. Our goal is to provide an entrance to the arts to both youth and adults, and seniors in our community and deliver ongoing support in experiencing and participating in the performing arts. Local youth involved in our program develop important social ties and participate in creating and maintaining a safe space for themselves and their peers. Friendships developed here will last a lifetime

Produced for "Light Up the Cathedral" and San Diego Pride

In 2018, San Diego Creative Arts Project was proud to be asked to perform for "Light Up the Cathedral"  for SD Pride. This event is an interfaith event including leaders from around the world of many different religious beliefs  and was broadcast. The performance created and directed by SDCAP Artistic Director, Laura Hodge, included Contemporary Dance to the Cathedral's renowned live organ, Spoken Word, and a Vocal Performance by SDCAP and students. 

When asked to make a video for this year's event, with the prompts to include the theme, dance, and children and youth, Laura Hodge decided this was an opportunity to do something she has been wanting to do. Collaborate across the country with former colleagues and long time friends. 

This collaboration includes Laura, along with Tome Cousin - Pittsburgh, Pa, Mami Tomatani - New York City, John Diaz, San Diego, CA, and Samuel "Quin" Blesoe - San Diego, CA. The children are Laura's SDCAP students, and students of Mami at Hariyama Ballet, NY. 

This year's "Light Up the Cathedral" event will be broadcast globally on July 15, 7:00 pm PST. 

Here is a preview of our video:


Produced by San Diego Creative Arts Project 


Light Up The Cathedral - San Diego Pride 2020

Video Production and Editor - Samuel “Quin” Bledsoe

The Creators

   Mami Tomotani - New York City, NY          Tome Cousin - Pittsburgh, PA  

Laura Hodge - San Diego, CA                      John Diaz - San Diego, CA         

Samuel “Quin” Blesoe - San Diego, CA

Bubble Performance Artist - “Dead Alan” James - San Diego, CA

Youth - San Diego Creative Arts Project, CA

Mila Kuz                   Avante Vadlamudi    

Taavi Melgarejo              Tabitha Silva    

Genevieve Silva                  Elijah Silva    

Unicorn - Isabel Hodge

Youth & Teens - Hariyama Ballet NY, NY

June Morishige           Kanae Funabiki  

Léa-Miyu Foulloy                 Lyn Russell 

Haruki Fukase



Executive Artistic Director of San Diego Creative Arts Project, Laura is a Dance and Theatre Master Educator, Choreographer, Director, and Performing Artist, whose work is respected from Coast to Coast, and Mexico. Laura is originally from Pittsburgh, Pa, where she danced in Tome Cousin’s "Physical Theatre Project".

She has performed in numerous Musical Theatre productions, Dance companies, Touring Companies, Film, and Television, is a Union Member of SAG-Screen Actors Guild, and does Voice Over work.

Instagram: @thereallaurette and @sdcreativearts


Tome’ Cousin: Is a cross-art-form practitioner. While maintaining a prolific performance career he has molded an International award winning reputation that includes collaborations in theater, dance, music, film, photography, television and literature in the creation of over 90 original works.

Tome' is Associate Professor of Dance at Carnegie Mellon University. 


Mami Tomotani choreographed many shows at Fiorello H.LaGuardia High School, Pittsburgh University and Contemporary dance pieces at Hariyama Ballet in NY .She performed many shows, include Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures in UK,USA and world tour, Musicals at Shiki in Tokyo and Contemporary at Ballet Linz in Austria. Mami is assistant director of The Broadway Experience.

Instagram: @happymamitomotani3


San Diego based John Diaz has worked nationally and abroad in Europe and South America as a professional movement artist, choreographer, collaborator and educator. His encounters with differing cultural models of body attitudes, awareness, alignment, and the process of navigating in the world have led to understanding functions of inner imagery, it's effects on the body, and the body's place in the world. John’s hope is to facilitate the stability, adaptability, radiance, grace, and directness inherent in everyone through movement education and dance performance.

Instagram: @veganheartdance


Sam is a Dancer, a Drag Performer, and hospitality specialist. 

In 2014 Samuel studied dance at Grossmont College and learned Choreography and Composition, around this time he also began learning the art of Drag. Now he performs at local venues in San Diego as a dancer and Dragqueen. Currently he creates online performance videos with Terratour Dance, and works at Urban Mo's as a Host and Drag Queen.

Instagram: @royalharlequin

Welcome to SDCAP













Camps will be available online on ZOOM.

Stay Safe San Diego!

San Diego Creative Arts Project
Study with these amazing MASTER INSTRUCTORS!!!

Laura Hodge:  Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acting

Tammy Milner: Voice, Music, Musical Theatre

CAMPS for Youth Ages 4-17

Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting, Singing

ALL CAMPS are  10:00 -1:00       $100. 

Registration $25. applied to total

Balance due the Friday before first Camp Day (Monday)

Email us for Registration and Camp Link: sdcreativearts@gmail.com 


Paypal: sdcreativearts@gmail.com

Venmo: SDCAP Laura Hodge


New Camps will be added on demand. Ages are flexible upon consideration.


       JUNE 15 - 19 FUN! Dance, Act & Sing ~ ages 4-8 

    JUNE 22 - 26   BROADWAY BOUND! ~ ages 7-17


JULY 6-10   CAMERA READY! #1 ~ ages 7-17  

JULY 13 - 17  DANCE ALL DAY ~ ages 10 -17  

           JULY 20 - 24  FUN! Dance & Sing Camp ~ ages 4-8

       JULY 27 - 31  TRIPLE THREAT + TAP! ~ ages 7-17   


        AUGUST 3 -7      CAMERA READY! #2 ~ ages 7-17 

            AUGUST 10 - 14  BROADWAY BOUND! ~ ages 7-17 

               AUGUST 17 - 21   FUN! Dance, Act & Sing ~ ages 4-8


ONE WEEK HALF DAY CAMPS  9:00-12:00  $100.

FUN! Dance & Sing Camp ages 4-7

 JUNE 15-19  

 JULY 20-24 

AUGUST 17-21

Young Students will learn Dance vocabulary, and Improve flexibility through Fun Dance, Stretches, Tumbling, play fun Acting Games, discover rhythm and learn to Sing like a pro!

Dance All Day ages 10-17 

 JULY 13-17 

Students will study Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and  Tap. They will gain strength, flexibility, and endurance through conditioning classes. Students  will learn fun dance routines and how to create choreography and perform the final day of camp.     


   BROADWAY BOUND!          JUNE 22-26, AUGUST 10-14  

                                                          TRIPLE THREAT + TAP!       JULY 27 - JULY 31   

                                                   LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!     JULY 6-10, AUGUST 3 - 7   

Students will have a Theatrical Blast in 3 technique classes per day- as they improve in Voice, Dance, and Acting, and work on being “AUDITION READY” for Musical Theatre, TV, and FILM Auditions. 

Each camp has a Unique emphasis.


Broadway Bound and Triple Threat + Tap will focus on iconic Broadways musicals, scenes, songs and choreography (this summer we are are working on CATS, Hamilton, A Chorus Line, Frozen, and more.

Students will focus on improving acting and singing technique, and learning iconic dances.

In Triple Threat + Tap - the dance segment will be a Tap Dance workshop.

Camera Ready will train young actors to perform for camera, VoiceOver work, as well as song and dance, and creating their own music video

                                            Final Day Performance ! Invite friends and family to watch on Zoom!

     San Diego Creative Arts Project SDCAP

FB: @sdcreativeartsproject
Instagram: @sdcreativearts



All Classes are PST


9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat

1:15-2:00 Acting Up Kids 

1:30-2:15 Kids 3 Ballet


1:00-1:45 Voice & Singing

1:15-2:15 Adult Int. Ballet


9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat

12:15-1:00 Kids 2 Ballet/Tap

1:15-2:00 Kids 3 Ballet


1:00-1:45 Music & Piano

2:00-3:00 Teen Acting

3:00-4:00 Teen/Adult Contemporary Jazz


9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat

1:15-2:00 Acting Kids 3rd-5th

6:00-7:00 Teen/Adult Ballet 


9:00- 9:45 Kids 1

10:00-10:30 Tumbling *

10:30-11:00 Pre Dance


Adult be present and able to help with exercises and tricks. Soft surface -Mat or Carpet. 


UPDATED COVID 19 at Home Class Schedule

SDCAP will be holding the current schedule of classes online at Zoom.

We will be offering pay what you can for all of our classes.

Stay safe.

WAIVED Annual Registration Fee $25 ~ Due upon First Class.

*Classes are Complete Courses and are scheduled for 10 months/school year. Students learn best when on time and prepared for class, invested and Committed to Consistent Attendance and Course/Level completion in order to move up to the next level.
Registration for classes is a commitment for this entire period. (ongoing classes and camps through the summer)
TUITION is DUE on the first calendar day of each month (not first class)
$10. Surcharge for payments received after the 3rd Calendar day of month.
Pay by Check, Cash,
PayPal: sdcreativearts@gmail.com
VENMO: SDCAP Laura Hodge
Check and Charge card minimum $20.

DROP IN: $15 per Class
Tuition Rates - Monthly Long or short
45 Minutes & 1 Hour Classes
$60. Month/ 1 class/hour per week
$110. Month/ 2 classes/hours per week
$155. Month/ 3 classes/hours per week
$175. Month/4 classes/hours per week
$30. Month/1 Half hour class per week  (Tumbling - must be taken with another class)
*10% Discounts for payments of 3 months or more paid in advance.
*15% Discount year paid in full.
Private Coaching & Choreography $60. per hour 


Performance and Events

All Classes will perform and share what they have learned in December and June as well as community events. 

Home School Schedule

This schedule is for, but not limited to students who are enrolled in one of the Homeschools that we - SDCAP, are approved vendors for. All students are welcome. 


9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat

11:00-12:00 K4 Ballet (grades 6-8)


1:00-1:45 Voice & Singing 

3:00-4:00 Teen/Adult Ballet 


9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat

12:15-1:00 Kids 2 Ballet & Tap (Grades 2-4)


10:30-11:15 Pre Dance (TK/pre school)

1:00-1:45 Music & Piano

3:00-4:00 Teen/Adult Contemporary


9:30-10:30 Pilates Mat

6:00-7:00 Teen/Adult Ballet


9:00- 9:45 Kids 1 Ballt & Tap

10:00-10:30 Tumbling



Executive Artistic Director

Producer, Director  


Teaching Artist

Dance, Acting, Pilates Mat, Audition Prep, Public Speaking 

Executive Artistic Director of San Diego Creative Arts Project and Rosarito Dance Theatre SDCAP Baja, Laura is a Dance and Theatre Master Educator, Choreographer, Director, and Performing Artist, whose work is respected from Coast to Coast, and Mexico.

Prior to SDCAP Laura was the Owner, Artistic Director of several award winning companies in Pittsburgh, Pa., where she trained with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Point Park University, studied Theatre at the Pittsburgh Playhouse Conservatory, Carnegie Mellon University, and trained in NYC and LA.

Laura has performed in numerous Musical Theatre productions, Dance Theatre companies, Theatrical Touring companies, Touring Companies, Film, Television, both Pittsburgh and San Diego Symphonies, is a Union Member of SAG-Screen Actor’s Guild, and does Voice Over work.

Teaching, Directing, and producing credits include: San Diego Arts 4 Learning, CEART Playas de Rosarito, Point Park University, University of Pittsburgh, Millenium (L.A.), Malashock Dance, San Diego Junior Theatre, San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, Mary Murphy’s (“So You Think You Can Dance”) Champion Ballroom, and private coaching throughout.

As a Director, Choreographer, and Producer, Laura has choreographed over 25 full length dance concerts, directed and created original choreography for over 40 Musicals and Ballets, choreographed for a feature Film with star Oscar Isaac, written plays, and worked on every artistic aspect of performance production. 

Laura believes that a dedication to proper training, and artistic integrity while encouraging students to explore their creativity is what sets a higher standard for excellence in the Performing Arts. 


Musical Director, Voice and Piano, and Music Theory Teaching Artist

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Ms.Milner attended and graduated from Marian High School. From there went to College Conservatory with a music major in Opera. For years she toured as a
professional singer, and ran
her ownrecording studio.
She has worked as a Pre-School teacher. 
Tammy was Musical Director for SDCAP productions of: "Aladdin Rebooted", Peter Pan Rebooted", "Annie Rebooted", and SDCAP Soiree' Fundraiser.
Tammy is now a private Voice and Piano Teacher and proud to part of the SDCAP Team


Media Production

Acting Teacher

Professional Juggler

David Kamatoy is a juggler bother literally and figuratively. He has been Musical Director on KROC production of CATS with Director Laura Hodge, as well as SDCAP productions of A Christmas Carol, Seussical, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, and Fame.As a musical director he had a blast musically directing FERN STREET CIRCUS for John Highkin for three years. His own Kamatoy Media Group is a business and media development company that juggles multiple projects and clients in including Jugglemail.com, PresidioSentinel.com and MissionSandals.com. The company provides Video Production, PR, Writing, Print, and other services to clients.

Also known locally as “That Filipino Juggler” in San Diego’s Balboa Park, where he still occasionally appears. David’s juggling act intertwines irreverent stand-up comedy and juggling stunts such as ball spinning, juggling, devil sticks, diablo, acrobatics, clubs, and who can forget the “Toilet Plungers of Doom” David Kamatoy currently does corporate events and comedy clubs.David is pleased to be working with Laura Hodge.